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Mini Pinata

Cinco de Mayo is around the corner, I love everything related to Mexico from colors, feast, music nevertheless the amazing food. Every celebration can’t be without a Pinata, and it would be even better if everyone gets their own Mini Pinata! Every time we have a Mexican fiesta, I love to include Mini Pinata; they are so cute and add a…
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What we do


I can be photographing food everyday, all day and never get bored! If you’re looking for quality photography for your brand which you may use for your website, or print then I’d love to take those photos for you! I use premium photography gear and equipment for any specifications you may be looking for.

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Food videos are more popular than ever now and I’ve been slowly adding a recipe video to most of my recipes. Looking to highlight your brand and make it stand out with an action video showcasing your product? A video is an efficient way to have your brand pop on screen and I would be happy to create that for you.

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Recipe Creation

I’m always intrigued to tweak and create new recipes so that every meal is unique. Creating a recipe that highlights your brand to make it stand out as delicious and versatile, and sharing that with my readers is something I take enormous pride and joy in. Reach out and let me know more about your brand!

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Food Styling

Beautifully styled photos are the eye catcher of every photo. Styling food and staging tables/menus is something I do on camera and off camera as well. I have an immense passion for making food look pretty and have it stand out on a plate or setting or anywhere it may be. If you’re looking for eye catching, luring and mouthwatering styled food, I’d love to style that for you before photographing it! I also offer food styling and staging on scene for large events, stores, restaurants and more.

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We’re happy you’re here! Thanks for visiting Life and Food Town, a website dedicated to adding an extra special touch to your life and food!

Dima and Mahy are the curators of this website. Two Moms and sisters in law who have so much in common, and want to share their passion for good life and good food with the world! While they each have different paths and strengths, together they create easy, affordable, beautiful and delicious ways to add magic to your everyday life!

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